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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Urs Fischer at the New Museum

At least two of us are in NYC right now (I ran into Brigid on the street last night!) and last week I went and checked out Urs Fischer:Marguerite de Ponty at the New Museum. The museum itself continues to be a circulation nightmare... getting from floor to floor stinks, but this show makes the awful, bottom-of-a-swimming-pool feeling work. One floor is papered with photographic wallpaper of the room itself, including the ceiling. It's strange and queasy and hard to describe. Also, there is the monumental array of mirrored cubes printed with everyday objects (my favorite is the cheese!).

I think I probably have some gripes about the show too, like the blobby aluminum pieces on the 5th floor and especially the flaccid pink streetlamp. Maybe grotesque but not at all uncanny. But this is:

So I am enjoying my vacation.

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Maja's website!!!!!!


"Take My Breath Away" (kareoke version)- Berlin

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A song for Berlin.

Love is all the food he'll be feeding, love is where you'll start in Berlin.

This song is a stretch as grotesque, because it just seems to be mod, but in the spirit of upcoming events, and perhaps with the Goldfinger credits before your eyes instead of the bad video montage, it's worth posting. Let's learn all the lyrics by January 8th!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Kate Gilmore does drywall.

I really like this. Lots of building materials, sweating, crumbling and smashing. Something to think about!

Disgust, leather, the New York Times.

Martha Nussbaum is interviewed in today's Sunday Times Magazine and there is a nice section about disgust. Also on philosophy in American public life and the fun of wearing leather.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Best bandage ever.

I am feeling this look right now. Splints are in.

Blandness in Berlin?

Since the PoP crew is headed to Berlin in January, this article seems relevant. Whether we prefer a grotto, a palace or a squat, we can agree on one thing: Blandness is not an option!

FABULON is back.

Nothing exceeds like excess. One of my favorite blogs seems to have returned from hiatus!

Also see here.

Abraham Cruzvillegas

I'm late in posting this and the show is already down, but I've been thinking a lot about the work of Abraham Cruzvillegas this fall. I had the good luck to see Autoconstrucción at RedCat in LA, and again in San Francisco when it was screened by the Wattis Institute, with Abraham and Jens Hoffman in conversation.

I like his sculpture a lot, but even more exciting is the way he talks about building projects and materials (both the ones of art and everyday life), and allows aesthetics, accidents and politics to collide in his work. The neverending building projects in the film are in a strange flux between growth and decay, and each building represents a singular, hand-made, self-designed undertaking. Cruzvillegas said, of the film, “When you talk about madness, you have to do it in a mad way.”

The image above is a google street view pic from Ajusco, the Mexico City neighborhood documented in

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Hi Everyone---

The images above are two paintings that are in process. There are many more images of new paintings plus lots of other effluvia and ephemera on my Flicker page and blog.

Here are links both of those sites:

Most of the writing on my blog are parts of an ongoing alphabet project that I've been working on for the last year or so. At least twice a week I make an alphabet using a stream-of-conciousness strategy. I am limited to sticking with the first word that comes to mind for each letter, ie: Agrippa, Beetlejuice, Cat-lady, etc... Then, every couple of weeks I will compile those entries into a larger master-copy. I've been thinking about how knowledge and language can operate as grotesque bodies.

ALSO: Would everyone in the group PLEASE make a 'Hey whats up this is my work/ this is something I found/ something I like' post THIS WEEK?

That would be great----Thanks--


PS> if the link to my blog is screwed up, you can google the title, or "O World Invisible" + Blog

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Hail Fellow Grotesqueness's---

I adjusted the settings of this blog because some others have expressed interest.

If there is a problem, you may kick me.